MilitaryHire partners with to offer Veteran Networking Guide​

All service members must navigate the maze of transition and the process can be difficult, stressful, and confusing. Research with veterans highlights five elements that lead to success, and networking is #1 on the list. Elements of a successful military transition according to research with veterans: source: Although important, many veterans struggle with building networks […]

Best Practices for Asking for Recommendations

Two women talking at a table

Asking for Recommendations Best Practices While candidate-supplied recommendations are sometimes looked upon with a certain degree of skepticism (after all, candidates aren’t likely to provide negative recommendations), they are still an important part of the job search process. HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and others do look at references—whether supplied by candidates, or sought out […]

Resume Help for Military Veterans & Military Spouses

Resume Tips for Veterans

Resume Writing Tips for the Transitioning Veteran If you’re looking to get hired, having a powerful, purposeful resume detailing your skills, experience, and the unique value that you bring to an employer is a leading tool in your toolkit. Many job seekers struggle with writing a resume. There are countless resume types to choose from: […]

Applying For a Job in a New (To You) Industry

How to Change Jobs

Applying for a Job in a New Industry Sometimes it’s just time for a change.  Maybe you’ve worked in one specific type of job, or industry, for quite a while, but you’re ready to make a change. How can you position yourself to compete with others who have direct experience and land the job? Understand […]

Stack Up Combats Veteran Suicide Through Gaming Community

MilitaryHire interviews Stephen Machuga, Founder and CEO of Stack Up

Video Games Preventing Veteran Suicide It’s National Video Games Day today. Video games are more than just fun to play. They help with mental health issues and can reduce the risks of veteran suicide.   We talked with Stephen Machuga, Founder and CEO of Stack Up, about the organization’s Overwatch program. Available 24/7/365, it provides […]

Military Transition to Civilian for Women Veterans

Women Veterans

Female Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life Transitioning from military service into a civilian career can present unique challenges, especially for women veterans. We connected with Bobbi Young of Inspired Growth Portal to talk about making the move to civilian life. Video Transcript: Andrew: Hi, I’m Andrew with Military Hire, and this month, we are highlighting women veterans. We recently sat […]

Military Hire and Operation: Job Ready Veterans Form Alliance to Help Military Families in Transition

Operation Job Ready Veterans Logo

Operation: Job Ready Veterans & Military Hire Partner Military Hire and Operation: Job Ready Veterans announce a partnership of their organizations in an effort to connect veterans and their families to support veteran transition to civilian life.   As part of this agreement, Military Hire will provide awareness to promote the mission and message of Operation: Job Ready Veterans while connecting its […]

Support for Women Veterans and Military Transitions: The MSI Network

Military Sisterhood Initiative

Supporting Women Veterans Transitioning from the Military Military transition for women veterans can be a challenging time. As you leave the military and enter into civilian life, you are presented with significant changes, unfamiliar situations, and so many decisions—it can be overwhelming. Lack of childcare options, financial instability, and not having a strong community and […]

Negative Signals That May Be Keeping You From Getting a Job Offer

Negative signals

Factors that May be Preventing You from Landing Your New Job You aced the interview—at least you thought you did. Maybe you were even called back for two or more opportunities to meet with various representatives from the company you applied to. But then, nothing. When you finally reached out to inquire about the process […]

Veteran Transition Timeline 3 Months Out


Preparing for Your Military Transition– 3 Months Out It may seem hard to believe, but your multi-year transition planning period has already reached the three-month mark! What now? Now is the point where you should start seriously applying for jobs, getting your resume out to potential employers and recruiters, attending job fairs and doing some […]