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All service members must navigate the maze of transition and the process can be difficult, stressful, and confusing. Research with veterans highlights five elements that lead to success, and networking is #1 on the list.

Elements of a successful military transition according to research with veterans:

  • 86% – say that networking is important
  • 84% – recommend starting early
  • 83% – recommend having a transition plan
  • 83% – emphasize the importance of learning how to translate your skills
  • 82% – say you should remain patient

source: www.military-transition.org/dashboard

Although important, many veterans struggle with building networks prior to transition. They have some contacts but don’t purposely develop these into supportive relationships. This guidebook clarifies the purpose of networking along with specific actions to enable success.

Click here to download the guide.

To download guidebooks 1-4 in the series from Military-Transition.org, go to: https://www.military-transition.org/ebooks