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All service members must navigate the maze of transition and the process can be difficult, stressful, and confusing. Research with veterans highlights five elements that lead to success, and networking is #1 on the list. Elements of a successful military transition according to research with veterans: source: Although important, many veterans struggle with building networks […]

Remote Interview Tips and Best Practices

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Mastering the Online Interview While there are still many jobs that require employees to be on site, even during the pandemic, many others have gone fully to remote work for the foreseeable future. Even those organizations that do have employees on site may be conducting more interviews remotely these days. That represents a very different […]

Video Interviewing Tips and Best Practices

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How to Prepare for a Video Interview While the practice of conducting employment interviews via video was in place prior to the emergence of COVID-19, its use has ramped up exponentially since many companies have had to shut down or adopt remote work practices. Veterans applying for jobs during the pandemic are likely to find […]

Tips for Crafting an Effective Elevator Pitch

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Mastering Your Experience Elevator Pitch Veterans seeking jobs in the civilian sector face both challenges and opportunities in terms of making the transition from a military to a civilian role—and clearly communicating their ability to do just that. One important tool to help them do that is the elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a brief, […]

Veterans Share Their Tips for Landing a Job Interview

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Preparing for Your Video Interview An interview—over the phone, or in person—is generally the first positive step in a job search process. Landing an interview is a must do to move on to the next, and final phase—landing the job! Unfortunately, it can often feel like a futile effort to get an interview despite sending […]

Negative Signals That May Be Keeping You From Getting a Job Offer

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Factors that May be Preventing You from Landing Your New Job You aced the interview—at least you thought you did. Maybe you were even called back for two or more opportunities to meet with various representatives from the company you applied to. But then, nothing. When you finally reached out to inquire about the process […]

How to Build a Diverse Network


How to Build a Diverse Network Today’s employers often say that they wish to recruit diverse candidates and that’s good news for most job applicants because most are in some way diverse, or different, from other potential candidates. It also means, though, that job seekers need to build a diverse network of contacts to help […]

The “4 Be’s,” and Additional Tips, for Acing the Telephone…

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Mastering Your Phone Interview The “4 Be’s,” and Additional Tips, for Acing the Telephone Interview In today’s hiring environment, HR departments are often hiring for a number of positions requiring interviews with multiple candidates. Particularly when those candidates are geographically dispersed, costs can skyrocket. To help keep costs down, many companies are choosing to start […]

Questions You Should Never Ask During the Interview Process, And Why

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What Not to Ask in an Interview Questions You Should Never Ask During the Interview Process, And Why At the end of most interviews, candidates can expect to be asked one final question: “Do you have any questions for us?” While it is a best practice to come prepared for this question and to have some potential […]