MilitaryHire partners with to offer Veteran Networking Guide​

All service members must navigate the maze of transition and the process can be difficult, stressful, and confusing. Research with veterans highlights five elements that lead to success, and networking is #1 on the list. Elements of a successful military transition according to research with veterans: source: Although important, many veterans struggle with building networks […]

Best Practices for Asking for Recommendations

Two women talking at a table

Asking for Recommendations Best Practices While candidate-supplied recommendations are sometimes looked upon with a certain degree of skepticism (after all, candidates aren’t likely to provide negative recommendations), they are still an important part of the job search process. HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and others do look at references—whether supplied by candidates, or sought out […]

Applying For a Job in a New (To You) Industry

How to Change Jobs

Applying for a Job in a New Industry Sometimes it’s just time for a change.  Maybe you’ve worked in one specific type of job, or industry, for quite a while, but you’re ready to make a change. How can you position yourself to compete with others who have direct experience and land the job? Understand […]

CompTIA Training Available on Military Hire

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CompTIA Training Available on Military Hire Military Hire is now an Authorized Partner of CompTIA cybersecurity training resources and certifications. By ordering through Military Hire, you get access to the full line of CompTIA cybersecurity courses at a 10% discountthrough the use of the coupon code cv2020MilHire10. Certification Exam Vouchers CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) (Exam […]

Finding and Landing a Remote Job

Finding & Landing a Remote Job More and more work can be done remotely these days and veterans are able to capitalize on this potential as they seek work in the civilian sector. But what do they need to know about evaluating these opportunities? Which are legit? Which may not be? What best practices should […]

How to Spin Lack of Experience to Your Advantage

Experience Gap

Can Lack of Experience be an Advantage? How to Spin Lack of Experience to Your Advantage You’ve spotted your dream job but there’s just one catch. The posting says that “experience in the banking industry” is a requirement and, while you have all of the technical experience called for, you haven’t worked in banking. While […]

Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account

Social Profile

Revise Your Facebook Profile Before Your Job Search I love a good party on the weekend.  Work hard, play hard, right?  I love sharing pics of my friends and I having fun and being stupid, but you know what I don’t do?  I don’t post those pictures on my public Facebook page.  If you’re looking […]

Employers Are Telling You What They Want. Are You Listening?


Are You Listening To Employers Telling You What They Want? Every week job hunters send me resumes to review because they are having job-hunting problems. All of these resumes are substantial records of their military experience and job skills. There would be little doubt in any resume screener’s mind that these individuals merit employment–somewhere. However, […]

What Can Older Workers Do To Get Hired

Older Worker

Break Through the Hiring Age Barrier Though age discrimination is illegal, many older job seekers have trouble landing a job. Studies and anecdotal evidence indicate job seekers over 40 start having trouble getting hired and this difficulty increases into their 50s and 60s.  This affects many of  our transitioning military who have made the military their […]

The “Netiquette” of Internet Communications

Netiquette of Internet Communications

Hone Your Internet Etiquette Today I don my Emily Post hat and discuss proper etiquette on the Internet, or Netiquette. Customs such as saying “please” and “thank you,” wearing appropriate business attire, and waiting to be invited to sit at an interview often separate the winners from the losers in a job search. We have all […]