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All service members must navigate the maze of transition and the process can be difficult, stressful, and confusing. Research with veterans highlights five elements that lead to success, and networking is #1 on the list. Elements of a successful military transition according to research with veterans: source: Although important, many veterans struggle with building networks […]

Hiring Trends in a COVID-19 World

2021 Covid Face Masks

Hiring Trends in a COVID-19 World Much has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly around the world in 2020. Many companies were forced to send workers home to work to ensure their safety. Some—those deemed as “essential”—kept operating but had to initiate a wide range of safety precautions. In 2021, when it comes to […]

Best Practices for Asking for Recommendations

Two women talking at a table

Asking for Recommendations Best Practices While candidate-supplied recommendations are sometimes looked upon with a certain degree of skepticism (after all, candidates aren’t likely to provide negative recommendations), they are still an important part of the job search process. HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and others do look at references—whether supplied by candidates, or sought out […]

Finding Remote Work As A Military Spouse

Military Spouse Working From Home

Finding Remote Work as a Military Spouse In a suddenly shifting employment landscape, one significant opportunity that has rapidly opened up for job seekers is the ability to work remotely. That means, potentially, that the candidate pool  for employers has also expanded—they realize they don’t have to only recruit from a local market.   How […]

Remote Interview Tips and Best Practices

Woman in Blue Shirt Working Remotely

Mastering the Online Interview While there are still many jobs that require employees to be on site, even during the pandemic, many others have gone fully to remote work for the foreseeable future. Even those organizations that do have employees on site may be conducting more interviews remotely these days. That represents a very different […]

What To Do When You’re “Ghosted” In Your Job Search

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When You Think You’ve Landed the Job You’ve made your way through a few rounds of interviews, have been told you’re a “top candidate” and then suddenly there is silence. Despite your efforts to reach out to the recruiter you’ve been working with, and who has been consistently positive about the impression you’re making on […]

Video Interviewing Tips and Best Practices

Prepare for interview

How to Prepare for a Video Interview While the practice of conducting employment interviews via video was in place prior to the emergence of COVID-19, its use has ramped up exponentially since many companies have had to shut down or adopt remote work practices. Veterans applying for jobs during the pandemic are likely to find […]

Applying For a Job in a New (To You) Industry

How to Change Jobs

Applying for a Job in a New Industry Sometimes it’s just time for a change.  Maybe you’ve worked in one specific type of job, or industry, for quite a while, but you’re ready to make a change. How can you position yourself to compete with others who have direct experience and land the job? Understand […]

CompTIA Training Available on Military Hire

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CompTIA Training Available on Military Hire Military Hire is now an Authorized Partner of CompTIA cybersecurity training resources and certifications. By ordering through Military Hire, you get access to the full line of CompTIA cybersecurity courses at a 10% discountthrough the use of the coupon code cv2020MilHire10. Certification Exam Vouchers CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) (Exam […]

Finding and Landing a Remote Job

Finding & Landing a Remote Job More and more work can be done remotely these days and veterans are able to capitalize on this potential as they seek work in the civilian sector. But what do they need to know about evaluating these opportunities? Which are legit? Which may not be? What best practices should […]