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Veterans Day 2020!

In celebration of Veterans Day 2020, the Military Hire team thanks Veterans of our U.S. armed forces. We are privileged to honor and serve those who served our country. Our COO Rob Riegle shares his thoughts and personal remarks around Veterans Day:

Video Transcript

On behalf of Military Hire, I’d like to thank you for watching this message. I’m Rob Riegle, I am the Chief Operating Officer for Military Hire. I am also a Navy Veteran.


Veteran’s Day is an extremely important day to me personally. It’s a time for me to be able to reflect on all of the many years I had of service in the military, and more importantly, the comradeship I had with all of my military partners.


I was fortunate enough to do many specific Navy tours, and then also a number of joint tours, so I understand not only my own branch, but the other branches as well.


One of the things that has always occurred to me is that whenever I was in need of support, or whenever something seemed to be challenging me, there were a number of people that would always step up and assist me, and I could never repay the debt to those people from my personal perspective.


Obviously, as it goes towards the nation, I think it’s important to understand the contributions that have been made by veterans. Not only as they relate to their service in the military, but also what they do post-military, and how they interact with society, and the many things that they are involved in.


31 of our 45 Presidents, for instance, have had some role in the military. Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash all served in the military, and then went on to be icons in their individual communities, and there are many business leaders that we can point to as well.


So the veteran doesn’t stop contributing after they leave the military. And, in my particular case and the case of Military Hire, we hope that we also contribute to the veteran community as well.


If you have been challenged by your career in any way, and you think you need to look in another direction, or if you are a transitioning active duty service member, take a look at Military Hire. See if it’s right for you. We have many partners that are on our website that can help you with that transition assistance, any challenges that you may have.


And on this Veterans Day, I just want to speak to all of my fellow veterans and just thank you for all you’ve done for me personally, and all you’ve done for our nation. Thank you.


Rob Riegle, COO

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