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The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

why hire veterans
US soldiers giving salute

Transitioning back to civilian life after serving in the military can be a challenging feat for many veterans. Even those who have made the transitions back into the workforce may struggle to change career paths or find a new opportunity after their return. Oftentimes, they just need one company to recognize their unique work experience and potential. 

Many companies may be wondering why they should focus their efforts on hiring military veterans. Well, there are actually countless reasons why hiring military veterans is a beneficial move for your company, and we’ve outlined just a few below. 

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Military veterans have many technical skills that make them invaluable. Nonetheless, through their time in the military, they’ve also picked up soft skills that can enhance your company’s culture. We’ll break down some of these skills and benefits so you can understand why hiring veterans is the right choice for your company. 

Unbeatable Teamwork

Being a part of the military means learning firsthand how to communicate with your team to accomplish a shared goal. Many veterans are able to easily adapt to a team-oriented environment and work closely with their colleagues to produce extraordinary results. They also may be able to quickly assess the strengths of their team members and utilize them properly to accomplish the end goal. 

Strong Work Ethic 

In addition to their knack for teamwork, veterans have an impeccable work ethic. You can count on veterans to be reliable, organized, and professional. They have an unmatched dedication to their work and will strive to be a valuable asset to your organization. 

Unique Perspectives

Having lived through diverse experiences, veterans bring unique perspectives to the table. During their military service, they worked alongside individuals from all walks of life. It’s through these individuals that they may have learned their exceptional teamwork skills. They’ve learned how to take every perspective into consideration and use each team member’s unique background to work together. 

Quick Problem Solving

As sudden issues occur at work, you’ll understand why hiring veterans is a favorable move. In high-pressure situations, many veterans know how to keep their cool and handle the problem at hand quickly. Their ability to problem solve under pressure is an unrivaled skill. 

High Attention to Detail

If your company positions require high attention to detail, you may want to hire a veteran. Their trained eyes and sharp senses have earned them this advantageous skill that can help reduce company mistakes. A veteran employee will have an increased focus on their work and may even notice small changes that can be made to improve your company’s results. 

Valued Accountability

Honesty and integrity are essential values instilled in active members during their military service. One of the benefits of hiring veterans is earning a team member who carries these values with them after their service has ended. You can rely on veterans to hold themselves and their team members accountable, creating an honest work environment where team members can count on one another to complete their tasks. 

Decreased Onboarding Cost

One benefit of hiring veterans that strays from their soft skills is the decreased onboarding costs your company will face. Since many veterans have gained such a large list of skills through their time in service, they’re able to adapt quickly to new environments and learn how your organization functions with ease. This will decrease the amount of training your new employee will need to undergo, freeing up time and money for your company. 

Serving Those Who Served

If the other seven reasons weren’t enough, this final reason for why you should hire military veterans should convince you. Veterans put their lives at risk for our country during each and every deployment. By hiring them as a part of your team, you’re able to serve those who have already served, giving them a place to comfortably transition back into civilian life. 

Creating a Veteran Hiring Plan

Before beginning the vetting process for qualified veterans, you may want to develop a veteran hiring plan. Since their background tends to differ from a traditional candidate, the recruiting process your company has established may need some minor adjustments. 

Some of the adjustments may include:

  • Establishing your company as a veteran-friendly employer. You’ll want to strategically market that your company welcomes veterans. 
  • Creating a skill translation system. Veterans have plenty of soft skills that make them wonderful candidates, but it can be difficult to translate these skills to a civilian setting. Be sure to establish a system for understanding the skills they bring.
  • Aligning your culture to their needs. Teamwork is a huge aspect of the military, so fostering a company culture that emphasizes this unity can help the transition feel more comfortable.  
  • Determining your onboarding process. With so many incredible skills, onboarding veterans may look a bit different. Decide on the onboarding process before extending the job offer to ensure a smooth transition. 

Still feeling unsure about your veteran hiring plan? MilitaryHire is here for you! With our skilled team of military veterans and hiring extraordinaires, we have all the resources you’ll need to find and hire qualified veterans. Our military hiring network can establish professional relationships between employers and interested veterans. Contact us today to find out how we can help connect your organization with skilled and ready-to-work veterans!