4-Star Membership Details

MilitaryHire is focused on connecting veteran-friendly employers with
highly skilled ex-military candidates to boost your talent pipeline!

Four Star Deal

4-Star Membership offers premium tool sets designed to capitalize on the PowerSearch tool by adding advanced tracking and increased automation features. 4-Star service allows you to post jobs that have candidate responses directed to a customer designated website or web address, plus you have access to the candidate email address and phone number. This level also introduces our “Briefcase” function. The “Briefcase” lets you save resumes in your own electronic storage area for later retrieval. This allows you to save resumes that interest you for later viewing. Resume search and view usage limits are based upon a rolling 30-day calendar. All users must be employees of that company.

Unlike most job resources, we allow you to add and delete job postings as often as you like. For example, if one or more of your job postings is filled (or you simply decide to stop advertising it), you can replace it with a different job posting at no extra charge. You may replace one job posting with another as often as you like but may not have more than your allowed number of jobs posted at any one time.

Additional 4-Star Membership features include:

  • Up to 3 recruiter accounts (resume search seats)
  • Up to 50 job postings
  • Up to 2500 resume views per month
  • Save up to 50 resume searches as ResumeScouts. Receive daily email notification if resumes meeting your criteria are posted to MilitaryHire.
  • Ability to post jobs that have candidate responses directed to a customer designated website or web address.
  • Save up to 200 resumes and notes about each resume to your personal briefcase
  • View the resumes of all candidates who have viewed your job postings, regardless of whether they apply for the job.
  • Update the posting date of all your jobs with one click. This brings all your jobs to the top of search results as if they were just posted.
  • View the date resumes were posted to MilitaryHire in the search results.
  • All PowerSearch criteria can be used on ResumeScouts.
  • Search for Resumes by Resume Number.
  • Boolean resume searches.
  • “Exact phrase” keyword searching.
  • Search Resumes by the date they were posted to MilitaryHire.
  • Search Resumes by candidates’ availability date.
  • Limit search results to only those resumes you have not previously viewed.
  • Search resumes by branch of service.
  • Search resumes by Security Clearance.
  • Sort results by date the resume was posted, best match to search criteria, availability date, or branch of service.
  • Membership Fee:  $349/month
  • Other services not included in this price, but available to you separately include:

* For convenience of the customer, all billing will be set to auto-renewal.  This can be changed at any time by the customer in their account settings to either cancel or change to manual renewal.

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