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Military Hire and AMVETS Enter into Partnership Agreement for Women Veterans Initiatives

Military Hire and AMVETS

May 1, 2020 - Military Hire and AMVETS announce a partnership of their organizations in multiple efforts to support veteran transitions to civilian life. The first major initiative between the organizations is a STEM program intended to train female veterans in the area of cybersecurity, a major focus of Military Hire and its recent partnership with CompTIA.

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Military Hire and CompTIA Enter into Partnership Agreement to Streamline Certification and Credentials Management

Military Hire and CompTIA

April 22, 2020 - Military Hire, a SaaS Factory company, announced today that it has signed a training and certification partnership agreement with CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications and training for information technology (IT) professionals and individuals interested in joining the IT workforce.

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Be Veteran Friendly

How to Reach Veteran Job Seekers Automatically Every Day

Reach veteran job seekers every day

A powerful tool for employers to reach qualified veteran job seekers is the Resume Scout combined with the Automatic Message. A Resume Scout is an automatic search that is run daily to find newly posted veteran resumes that meet your criteria. An Automatic Message is an email message that can be assigned to a Resume Scout and automatically sent to all job seekers matched by the Resume Scout. This blog posting will show you how to automatically send your message to veteran job seekers on a daily basis.

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Want Top Talent? Recruit Veterans

Want Top Talent? Hire Veterans

Companies devote significant energy and resources to recruit top talent. Despite their best efforts, they often are unable to fill open positions with talent that truly meets their needs. A sure route to overcoming this challenge is to hire veterans.

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How to Hire Military Veterans

how to hire military veterans

Is your company looking to reap the rewards of hiring U.S. military veterans? Learn more about how best to hire vets.

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Developing a Strategy for Hiring Military Veterans

hire vets

Want to develop a strategy for hiring military veterans? How will they best fit into your organization's recruitment goals? One thing is clear: the hiring of veterans will be the best recruiting decision your company has ever made.

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