5-Star Subscription Details (Elite Package)

5-star MilitaryHire.com's Five-Star service is the elite level for companies that desire priority access and a set of comprehensive tools unparalleled in the internet military candidate community. Our Elite Package offers companies with multiple MilitaryHire users an economical way to obtain premium service status for a large number of accounts. This level also introduces our "bulk job posting feature." This puts an end to manually typing jobs into our site. You can upload them automatically! You also have immediate access to resumes as they are posted. Resume search and view usage limits are based upon a rolling 30-day calendar. All users must be employees of that company.

Unlike most job boards, we allow you to add and delete job postings as often as you like. For example, if one or more of your job postings is filled (or you simply decide to stop advertising it), you can replace it with a different job posting at no extra charge. You may replace one job posting with another as often as you like but may not have more than your allowed number of jobs posted at any one time.

Additional 5-Star features include:

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