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  • ATSG has jobs for veterans
  • National Grid is hiring military veterans
  • Conagra has jobs for veterans
  • Global Contract Professionals hires veterans

Finding the right job can be challenging - even more so when transitioning from the military. Let us help with job search advice tailored to U.S. Service Members and Veterans.

Helping Veterans Find Jobs for almost Two Decades

MilitaryHire began connecting veterans and employers in 2000. Employers quickly came to appreciate the character, skills, and service of the veterans they hired from MilitaryHire. Since then, we have helped over 500,000 veterans in their job search. We have helped employers hire veterans across the US and overseas. We have helped veterans find jobs at companies of all sizes from the Fortune 50 to companies whose head count is less than 50. For veterans looking for jobs and companies looking to hire veterans, MilitaryHire is the answer.

Jobs for Veterans across the US, plus Overseas Contracting Jobs

MilitaryHire has jobs for veterans across the U.S. and around the world. We have tens of thousands of jobs with hundreds of veteran friendly companies. Each MilitaryHire company is eager to hire vets and has chosen to list their jobs on MilitaryHire to meet that goal. All you have to do to is sign up to search our vast database of jobs for veterans. Don't forget to post your resume too! Browse Jobs for Veterans in Texas, Virginia, Florida, California, and all 50 states. Browse overseas contracting jobs in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Germany, and more...,

Top Veteran Employers - 2018

MilitaryHire's list of Top Veteran Friendly Employers for 2018 has been released! Find out which employers scored top marks in each category:

Job Search Help for Veterans and Transitioning Military

10 Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

jobs for veterans - questions to ask before accepting an offer

Congratulations! You have the job offer in hand. You have spent months perfecting your resume, honing your interview skills, searching and applying for jobs online, and now you have the offer. But should you accept it? You've spent so much time and energy pursuing the job offer, but have you truly considered whether this job is a good fit for you? Here are 10 questions to ask that will give you real insight into the company, the role, and whether it will fit you.

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The Consultative Interview Technique

Interview preparation for vets

The consultative interview is a technique that lets you show value to the employer immediately. It can make the difference that lands you the job.

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How to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

jobs for veterans - how to get noticed by a recruiter

Recruiters have direct connections to hiring managers and often don't get paid unless they find the right candidate for a job. That means recruiters can be a key ally in your job search process.

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Why Did You Leave the Military?

why did you leave the military

Veteran job seekers often struggle with the common interview question "Why did you leave the Military." To answer this question well, avoid these common pitfalls while staying true to yourself.

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Want Top Talent? Recruit Veterans

Want Top Talent? Hire Veterans

Companies devote significant energy and resources to recruit top talent. Despite their best efforts, they often are unable to fill open positions with talent that truly meets their needs. A sure route to overcoming this challenge is to hire veterans.

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Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account

Social media job search

If you're looking for a new job, clean up your public Facebook persona first!

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The Title of your Resume IS IMPORTANT!

jobs for veterans - military resumes

The title of your Resume guarantees whether it gets viewed or not. Make sure you've carefully crafted your resume's name to include your experience and what kind of job you are looking for. This will help ensure that the job you want is yours.

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How To Identify My Accomplishments

resume and interview preparation

Success in the job search depends on communicating your accomplishments both in your resume and during the interview. But how do you identify your accomplishments beyond "I did my job and I did it well?"

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Interview Preparation — Tactics for Success — Rehearsal

Interview preparation for vets

Veterans would never go outside the wire without preparation but too many do just that when it comes to interviewing for a job. Here is how you can apply your military training to ensure success in the job interview process.

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Called Out for Military Jargon in my Resume

military veteran resume writing

I was recently called out for too much military jargon in my resume. Here is how I fixed it and how you can fix your resume.

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Career Fairs add your Career Fair here!

TECHEXPO Career Fairs

  • 13 November 2018, BWI Marriott, Linthicum Heights, MD
    TECHEXPO Top Secret Hiring Event Secret Clearance or Above REQUIRED

  • 15 November 2018, Sheraton Tysons Hotel,Tysons, VA,
    TECHEXPO Top Secret Hiring Event Secret Clearance or Above REQUIRED

Don't miss the opportunity to meet dozens of employers hiring for positions nationwide. Job listings, pre-registration, & full schedule of job fairs on

Ft Belvoir Fall 2018 Career Fair

25 October 2018, 0900-1400
Ft Belvoir Community Center, 10300 Taylor Raod,
Ft Belvoir VA
POC:Gary Adams,

Fort Riley Employer Networking

5 November 2018, 1300-1500
212 Custer Ave, Rm 218, Ft Riley KS 66442
POC:Sharone Washington, 785-239-9621

Fort Jackson College and Career Fair

6 November 2018, 0900-1200
Solomon Center 6510 Strom Thurmond Blvd
Fort Jackson, SC 29207
POC:Carolyn Andrews,, 803-751-1723

Fort Campbell Employer Event

7, 14, and 28 November 2018, 0900-1400
5661 Screaming Eagle Blvd.
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
POC:Fred L. Workman, Fred.L.Workman.Civ@Mail.Mil, 270-798-6507

Fort Knox Employer Day

7 November 2018, 1000-1230
70 Pershing Dr.
Fort Knox, KY 40121
POC:Jason Kennedy, 502-624-5622

Ft Rucker Employer Day

7 November 2018, 1000-1400
Bldg 5700 Atrium Ft Rucker AL 36362
POC:Bryan Tharpe

Quad Cities Fall Success Fair

8 November 2018, 1230-1530
226 17th Street Rock Island IL 61299
POC:Shelly Mimms, 309-782-7780

Fort Riley Hiring & Education Fair

8 November 2018, 1000-1400
Riley's Conference Center
446 Seitz Drive, Fort Riley, KS 66442
POC:Sharone Washington,, 785-239-9621