MilitaryHire & AMVETS Enter Partnership


AMVets Partners with Military Hire In a joint partnership with American Veterans (AMVETS), Akron, OH-based MilitaryHire conducted an employment pilot program to assist women veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The joint effort helped place over 20% of participants and highlighted near-term opportunities for deeper collaboration between the two organizations. AMVETS Chief Medical Executive Cherissa Jackson […]

Military Transition to Civilian for Women Veterans

Women Veterans

Female Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life Transitioning from military service into a civilian career can present unique challenges, especially for women veterans. We connected with Bobbi Young of Inspired Growth Portal to talk about making the move to civilian life. Video Transcript: Andrew: Hi, I’m Andrew with Military Hire, and this month, we are highlighting women veterans. We recently sat […]

Support for Women Veterans and Military Transitions: The MSI Network

Military Sisterhood Initiative

Supporting Women Veterans Transitioning from the Military Military transition for women veterans can be a challenging time. As you leave the military and enter into civilian life, you are presented with significant changes, unfamiliar situations, and so many decisions—it can be overwhelming. Lack of childcare options, financial instability, and not having a strong community and […]

Military Sisterhood Initiative Connects Women Veterans During COVID-19

Military Sisterhood Initiative

The Military Sisterhood Initiative “I couldn’t make this self quarantine, without this website. It’s a lifeline, to real women.” -Marilyn For women Veterans who feel isolated, online communities offer a great place to connect. The Military Sisterhood Initiative, or MSI, is one such community for women Veterans and female active duty service members. MSI is a […]