Resume Writing

Not Getting Job Interviews? Don't Blame Your Resume!
Have you sent out hundreds of resumes? Not much of a response? In a tight job market, your resume is not the problem.

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Job Searching

Why You Must Fine-Tune Your Job Hunt
A job hunter who doesn't fine-tune his job hunt strategy is like a fisherman who doesn't change his bait when the fish aren't biting.

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Transitioning From Active Duty

Location Planning: The Geography/Job Search Efficiency Test
Military retirement is a time of immense change and decision-making. Choosing where to live is one of those big decisions that all retirees must make. And since most retirees are not retiring in the truest sense of the word, and will need to seek professional employment, military retirement location decisions are usually tied to employment.

How To Expand Your Career Transition Opportunities
I am contacted regularly by military retirees with the following question: I have an MOS that doesn't cross over easily into the civilian work world. Since I see few or no jobs advertised, what should I do? The answer to the question is two-fold.

How A Retiring Infantry Officer Can Start A Career Transition
This past month I was posed the following question: "I am beginning my career transition. I had a satisfying career as an Infantry Officer but how do I translate that into a meaningful, well-paying job in private industry?" Here's the author's answer.

Military Retirees: How To Take Control Of Your Career Transition
Seeing the difference between a job-hunt and a career transition is an important first step for military retirees with job problems.

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Resources for Young Veterans

To begin a quick and successful job search, young veterans must do four things in the following order:

  1. they must make a realistic review of their job skills
  2. determine what kind of jobs they are qualified for based on employer hiring standards
  3. write their resume targeted to specific jobs
  4. apply for jobs

Young Veterans Special: How To Begin Your Job Search
This article covers the first step in your career transition: making a realistic review of their job skills.

Young Veteran's Special: Do I Really Need A College Degree?
This article covers the second step in your career transition: the education issue.

Young Veteran's Special: Resume Basics
This article covers the third step in your career transition: resume basics.

Young Veteran's Special: The Key To Getting Hired
This article covers the final step in your career transition: how to get noticed by an employer, in other words, the key to getting hired.

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Why should they hire you?
You have the experience. You're a professional. You have the training. And you're a veteran! You're perfect for the job, right?

How To Advance Your Job Search Without A Security Clearance
I am asked this question by military veterans several times a month: "I have an information technology (IT) background and would like to seek opportunities in the Defense Industry but I do not have a security clearance. What can I do?"

Sound Business Habits and Best Practices of Good Companies
How do you gather information about an employer to help you determine if you should accept its job offer? Using a job interview to ask questions about its standards of excellence usually answers the question and reaps important insights about the company.

How To Choose One Job Offer Over Another
How should you choose one company over another to work for? Should it be dictated by money, location, or the type of work you prefer? Are there other factors you should consider when making your employment decision?

How To Find A Job In An Outsourced Economy
I think no topic gets the dander up of an unemployed job seeker than hearing about the "outsourcing" of jobs. Just hearing about it can make you feel like you've hit a dead end. So, how can you find a job in the U.S. when jobs are being transported abroad to places like India or China?

Salary Sense for Military Veterans and Retirees
Salary sense is about two things: avoiding unrealistic expectations and realizing that in private industry there are many factors that come into play in determining your salary. Think about the advantages and the trade offs before you go after the money.

Labor Day Special: How To Protect Your Employment Before A Lay Off Looms
I can't think of anything more challenging, besides finding a job in the first place, than thinking about what to do if you are laid off.

Why They Aren't Hiring You?
Once a pool of job candidates are chosen for a particular open position, when all the interviews have been completed, and the time has come to select a candidate, a hiring manager's decision to hire one candidate over another is largely based upon ...

How Your Age Plays a Factor in Job Hunting
Are you thinking that you're too old compared to most job seekers and that's why you're not getting a job? Think you have too much experience? And the odds are against you getting hired?

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