Recruiting Veterans for Skilled Trades Employers

Across the country, skilled trades businesses struggle to hire reliable employees. Meanwhile, veterans at military bases often complete their tour of duty and transition to civilian life without meaningful employment lined up. MilitaryHire's Skilled Trades Recruiting program solves both these problems.

Veterans bring a host of character traits that are difficult to beat. They are hard-working, detail-oriented, quick to learn, adaptable, often have leadership experience, and are motivated by an attitude of service to country and community. Veterans are accelerated learners. Ever since joining the military, they have had to learn and master a variety of new skills under demanding circumstances.

For a company looking for entry level workers in the skilled trades, veterans are the obvious answer, and MilitaryHire can help you hire veterans through the MilitaryHire Skilled Trades Recruiting program.

What is the MilitaryHire Skilled Trades Recruiting program?

MilitaryHire combines the international reach of their well known veteran job board with in person, on site, recruiting trips to military bases around the country to find veterans to fill your openings. We prescreen each candidate and provide you with candidates willing and eager to join your company and learn a skilled trade. How does the program work?

  • The first step is a call with your MilitaryHire account manager to understand your hiring requirements.
  • Your account manager will help you get job descriptions posted.
  • Your account manager will gather information for your company's profile page
  • Your account manager will provide you with information on posting a "We Proudly Hire Veterans" badge on your website.
  • MilitaryHire will begin identifying veterans that meet your hiring requirements.
  • Many of these veterans will be transitioning from active duty and will be located at a military base such as Ft. Hood or Ft. Bragg. Some may even be deployed overseas.
  • Your account manager will send you video introductions so you can get to know the candidates.
  • You select candidates for follow up video interviews.
  • You select candidates to hire and extend an offer.

What does a subscription include?

Your quarterly subscription to the MilitaryHire skilled trades recruiting program includes:

  • A stream of prescreened candidates for your job openings. These candidates are interested in working in your field in your location.
  • A 3 star subscription to including job posting and resume searching
  • A company profile page on highlighting the reasons to work for your company and what makes your company special
  • A "We Proudly Hire Veterans" badge to display on your website
  • Assistance writing job postings to ensure they rank well on Google searches

What does a subscription cost?

  • $3000 per quarter
  • No annual obligation. Sign up only for the quarters when you are hiring.

What kind of candidates can I expect?

  • Most of the candidates will have joined the military shortly after high school.
  • They will have served several years in the military and gained skills in discipline, teamwork, and getting the job done.
  • Most will not have significant prior experience in a skilled trade, but will have a good attitude and be ready to learn.

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